We Came, We Saw, We Rocked…Again

Tonight, Western Country played its second and, in all likelihood, its final show…at least with its original moniker. But Tyrone and I served notice to the international community at Global Backpackers that we’re out to redefine everyone’s conception of popular music, no matter what our name is. We did it with a razor-sharp, super-tight batch of originals, along with a little help from our friends Radiohead, Prince…and Beyonce. That’s right, Beyonce. And as if that weren’t enough in and of itself, we made her swing.

Tonight’s set: The Consequences / Only Thing / We Will Be Alright / Tag, You’re It / American Idol–>Since U Been Gone, Kensington Market–>When Doves Cry, The Hippie Song, Silver Screen–>High & Dry, The Engagement Song, Wonderful–>Irresistible

(Jeff, that was for you; clearly, no one else needs to know this. I’m actually not even sure if these are the real titles; for that matter, I don’t think Tyrone knows either. Oh, and I had “The Seeker” as a possible opener, but we dropped it. Next time.)

Tonight, we shared a bill for the first time in our brief career as a band, and it was an honour to play with a group of such talented musicians–several of whom, for whatever reason, played the cello. Our next gig will likely be in mid-March at a house in the Moss Park area. You can rest assured I’ll be using this space to shamelessly promote it; in the meantime, thanks to everyone who came this evening.


6 thoughts on “We Came, We Saw, We Rocked…Again

  1. Thanks for the setlist, Steve. It was a fun show, complete with some good cover tunes, humourous banter from Tyrone, and what show wouldn’t be complete without some minor technical difficulties with the microphone. 🙂 Good stuff, I look forward to the next gig. 🙂

  2. What response? Do you really think I care enough about a Sens/Sabres game to blog about it? Frig, man, texting you about the scores was enough writing to last me two years’ worth of Sens/Sabres game. :@That said…I feel as though Thursday night’s games need a write-up. And speaking of which, check this out:http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/7574/leaftrashwm1.jpgThis was in light of the “no goal” which cost the Leafs the game and, potentially, a playoff berth. Some hero was responsible for this; I’d love to shake his hand.

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