Go West, Young Men

Alright, so I lied: I do have Blogger access at work. And since I’m done making phone calls (I think secretaries are starting to get sick of me) I figured I’d throw up this piece of self-aggrandizing propaganda. In case you missed our stunning debut on New Year’s Eve 2006, I’m proud to announce that mine and Tyrone Warner’s musical alter egos, a.k.a. Western Country, will be rocking Global Backpackers next Saturday, February 24 at midnight. I was gonna offer every reader of Stuff and Nonsense a spot on the guestlist but, well, what with cover being FREE and all it would seem redundant it would seem. So please: circle this date on your calendars and let us bend your minds. Who knows? If you’re good, you might even get to witness my debut on vocals.

To recap: that’s Western Country, live and in the flesh, next Saturday at Global Backpackers at King & Spadina. If you’re not there, we’re gonna rustle up dem boys in our promo poster and have a good ol’ fashioned shootout. And you won’t win.


4 thoughts on “Go West, Young Men

  1. You have a standing offer to come see us play; if you do, you’ll get the Paul Medley, and make everybody else really happy.Walk, Money, Rasperry Beret, Come Down, Tornado…the possibilities are literally endless.

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