New Year, New Look

It was time for a change–and so Stuff and Nonsense has undergone a facelife in honour of the year 2007. Among the changes: the “What I’m Reading” icon, which is also meant to motivate me to rediscover my love of reading (as I’ve mentioned before, grad school effectively killed it). I’ll figure out how to get the Flickr icon back later on; for now, just click here.

So: I’m in Toronto this weekend, the first weekend since early January I’ve been at home. Next weekend I’m going to Calgary; apparently Bri’s family got tired of waiting for me to fund my own trip out west, so they offered to pay for us to come out. Never ones to pass up on a good thing, we accepted–and so this time next weekend we’ll be hanging out with the Raptor and TJP and getting ready to see the Calgary Flames play the Colorado Avalanche at the Saddledome. Good times. I haven’t been to Calgary since 1996, and it’ll be nice to revisit the city with a full-time personal tourguide (i.e., Bri) at my disposal.

After that, it’s back to Toronto for an extended stay, which will let me work on some of the New Year’s Resolutions I made for myself. I know it’s late to be starting on New Year’s Resolutions…but it’s been a tough few months, and I’m only just starting to get my feet back under me. I feel as though I’ve turned a corner; now, it’s time to keep moving forward.


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