Bittersweet Kind of Post

It’s a bittersweet kind of post…and one that only one (or possibly two) people will care about. But tonight, after much deliberation, I uninstalled Football Manager 2006 from my computer. It was time. I’d taken the game as far as I could take it and needed a new challenge; in footballing terms, I was Peter Schmeichel leaving Manchester United after captaining the team in the European Cup Final.

And having said that, I also successfully fulfilled one of my twenty-six goals for my twenty-sixth year on earth: I lead Southampton (a Coca-Cola Championship team) to the Champions League–twice! It’s debatable whether I’ll ever assemble a better squad than this one:

Vanden Borre – Kompany – Jones – McCartney
Makoun – Guarin
Mokoena – Adu – Messi

(I get teary-eyed just looking at that team.)

Furthermore, as soon as I’m done with this program removal, I’m going to start downloading Football Manager 2007. This news will bring tears to Paul Hatcher’s eyes; incidentally, I’d wager he’s the only person who’s actually made it to the end of this post.


3 thoughts on “Bittersweet Kind of Post

  1. yes i recon thats traumatic for you.on another note I just installed Madden 2007 and started my NFL SUuperstar Career building, I put myself in and I’m the Starting QB for the Cleveland Browns…woohoo.I’ll keep you updated on my strides towards Canton.

  2. Back-to-back quads with who, Liverpool? To reiterate: I WON TWO CHAMPIONS LEAGUES WITH SOUTHAMPTON. I would offer that that achievement far surpasses back-to-back quads, bearing in mind I won a slew of other trophies as well. 😉But enough of that. At what point do we start two separate seasons with the Alex, and just go for it?

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