Setting the Stage, Again

Mike Jones–who was last seen in these pages sporting an Edmonton Oilers jersey and a large “Hey, guys, why don’t you kick this shit out us?” sign in downtown Detroit–recently challenged me to create the ultimate Tragically Hip setlist in preparation for Thursday’s shindig at the ACC. Which I figured was a productive way of spending my time, especially since my work gave me a new computer yesterday.

Mike’s stipulations: a twenty-song set and a four-song encore. I modified that slightly: a seventeen-song set, a three-song first encore and a four-song second encore. In addition, each album (excluding the 1987 EP) needed representation, and there would have to be a sufficient number of radio hits to keep the casual fan interested.

With that, here’s what I came up with:


  • Long Time Running (which would be an incredible opener, imo)
  • Family Band (best song on World Container)
  • Grace, Too (the ultimate Hip arena song)
  • Fully Completely
  • Another Midnight (underplayed)
  • Courage (classic)
  • As Makeshift As We Are
  • Tiger the Lion (maybe the only good song on Music at Work)
  • Ahead by a Century
  • Thugs (favourite Hip song)
  • The Kids Don’t Get It
  • Poets (hate the studio version, but it’s killer live)
  • At the Hundredth Meridian (a requirement of any good Hip concert)
  • Vapour Trails
  • Titanic Terrarium
  • Fifty Mission Cap
  • Locked in the Trunk of a Car

1st Encore:

  • Sherpa (*giggle*)
  • Nautical Disaster
  • Blow at High Dough

2nd Encore:

  • Get Back Again
  • Problem Bears (an outtake from In Violet Light, which as far as I’m concerned takes care of that particular album…)
  • New Orleans is Sinking
  • On the Verge

Over to you, Jones.


5 thoughts on “Setting the Stage, Again

  1. Dirty set, Steve! And oh man, do you ever make this challenging with that curveball you threw in there.Here’s my all-time fantasy Hip show…1. Grace (“He said I’m Tragically Hip!”)2. Fully (most amazing 1-2 combo ever!)3. Giftshop (“and if it’s a lie….”)4. Blow at High Dough5. Vaccination Scar (Damn you, Steve)6. Freak Turbulence (see #5)7. Yawning or Snarling (shivering just thinking about it)8. Locked in the Trunk of a Car9. Cordelia10. Courage (for Hugh MacLennan)11. 3 Pistols (for Tom Thompson)12. Pigeon Camera13. Long Time Running14. Bobcaygeon15. 38 Years Old16. Thugs (this song terrifies me)17. Yer Not the Ocean (great opener to new album)1st Encore18. Ahead by a Century19. Sherpa (soooooooo gooooooood!)20. Blonde Solid (Imagine if this song made Fully Completely??)2nd Encore21. Fly 22. The Darkest One23. Nautical (my all-time favourite song)24. 50 Mission Cap (something for you long-suffering Leafs fans)…And not to mention Little Bones, New O, Daddy, Fire, Scared, Wheat Kings, 100th Meridian, Vienna, Unplucked Gems (in the grungy Day for Night-era), Midnight, Flamenco, Boots, etc, etc, etc…MJ

  2. That’s a solid setlist, with the obvious exception of “Freak Turbulence” (which we talked about last night…). Seriously, it killed me having to pick a song from M@W; “Tiger the Lion” is the closest thing to a song I actually like on the album, but I still wouldn’t put it before anything on Day for Night. I just did a quick scan of the tracklisting for the album…would you believe I’ve heard all abut three of those songs live? I mean, I’VE HEARD “WILD MOUNTAIN HONEY” IN CONCERT! I’VE HEARD “TORONTO #4” IN CONCERT! I’VE HEARD “SHARKS” IN CONCERT! Don’t I deserve some kind of reward for that?On the bright side: I saw the Hip four times this tour and only heard one song from Music at Work. Moreover, I only heard one song from In Violet Light and In Between Evolution as well. Hopefully the same fate doesn’t befall some of the material on World Container.

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