Deep Thoughts

It’s been a good weekend.

Two thoughts on yesterday:

  1. The shootout still sucks. I thought this last year when the Leafs couldn’t win a shootout, and I think so this year when they’re winning them consistently (don’t quote me on this, but I think Toronto is 4-1 in shootouts this NHL season). It’s just a stupid, stupid way of deciding a team sport; sure they’re fun to watch, but they’re ultimately a very bad idea.
  2. Hey, the Leafs are actually playing pretty well these days. I’m not saying they’re Cup contenders–they’re not–but the thought of them making the playoffs and not being embarassed is at least midly comforting.

Today, meanwhile, is Super Bowl Sunday–which means a day in front of the television, with little to no option of moving. My pick: Bears 24, Colts 16. I just can’t root for Peyton Manning, even if it’s again one of Minnesota’s divisional rivals. But hey, if Jim Sorgi makes an appearance today, go Indy.


4 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts

  1. well I’m happy Peyton Manning didn’t make your weekend perfect 😉
    also seems an odd moment to complain about the shootout, once your team just won against a rival in it, but I will give you credit for not bitching about it after they lost it. (That seems more like a Sens fan thing to do.)
    glad u had a nice weekend. Any snow it OTT?

  2. Did you have a sign at the game, Steve? Cherry Brings Class? It was on TV for a split second, and I thought it might have been you… And if the shootout is fun to watch, why is it a bad idea? Isn’t marketing one of the main priorities of the NHL (as it is for any other league)? Sure, it may lack the “purist” appeal, if you will, but if they’re trying to make the game more exciting, then I think it’s worked. Of course, more people interested means more demand, means higher prices, but can the Leafs ticket prices go up any higher?

  3. The shootout is a ridiculous, moronic gimmick; it’s such a transparently money-driven idea it’s sickening, and I wish the NHL had a commisioner with enough vision to realize it. Last time I checked, hockey was still a team game (despite Bettman & Co’s best efforts at hamstringing any defensive player), so using an individual skills competition to settle a tie is hopelessly counterproductive. The NHL needs to figure out that it’s not gonna gain a significant number of new fans, and if they keep screwing around with the game they’ll start losing current fans. If they go ahead and expand the nets, I may very well be one of the ones to go.

    *climbs off soapbox*

    That said, the game itself was great. The refs kept their whistles in their pockets, especially during the third period, and actually let the players decide the outcome. (They must not have got the memo from the commish’s office instructing officials to be instrumental in determing who wins ANY NHL game.) It reminded me why I care. Oh, and speaking of ticket prices, this notion that Leaf tickets are a, unaffordable, or b, unattainable is false. You can get tickets to every single Leafs home game if you know when and where to look; if you find them, chances are you’re paying $40 or less for *good* seats. You can get standing room tickets, which have unobstructed views, for under $30. The Leafs actually *lowered* ticket prices after the lock-up, arguably the only time MLSE has displayed an iota of common sense. The expensive seats are still really expensive, but the cheap seats are certainly comparable to what you’d pay anywhere else in the league. For instance, I paid $81 for the game on Saturday. The same seats at the ACC? $81.

    Clearly I’ve got way too much to say on the subject. 😉

    btw, Peirce, two weeks!

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