More Cutting, More Pasting

I’m still mustering up the motivation to write a “proper” blog entry. It’ll come, eventually; it may even come later today. But for the time being I’ll defer to the wisdom of Mr. Ray Bartlett from Burlington, Ontario, who offered the following in this morning’s Toronto Sun:

Why do the Leafs keep this inept, mediocre second-line centre? And he isn’t a leader, so why is he the captain? Get rid of Mats Sundin–it is a move that is long overdue. Funny how the team wins with Darcy Tucker when Sundin is off. I will become a Leafs fan once again when the team rids itself of Sundin. And, please, do not get any more inept Swedes–I have had enough with Borje Salming and Sundin.

Thank you, Mr. Bartlett and the Toronto Sun, for that piece of wisdom. Because you’re right: Mats Sundin is an inept, mediocre second-line centre, as evidenced by his 500 career NHL goals, being second on the Leafs’ all-time points list, captaining his country to an Olympic gold medal (leadership? ha!), and being a virtual lock for the Hockey Hall of Fame. How foolish of the Toronto Maple Leafs to let him sully the team’s good name all these years, especially since he’s clearly hogging the limelight from Darcy Tucker. As for Borje Salming: please. A big, strong, stay-at-home defenceman who spearheaded the European invasion of the National Hockey League and whose plaque hangs in the Great Hall at the Hockey Hall of Fame? You’re right, Mr. Bartlett: he’s nothing more than another inept Swede.


4 thoughts on “More Cutting, More Pasting

  1. Lindros was a great signing, and he’d have done a great job for Toronto if he hadn’t have gotten hurt. Seriously, he was carrying the team when he was healthy–people forget this. And it wasn’t one of his nagging, chronic injuries that got him: it was a broken wrist which wouldn’t have been a problem if he’d gotten in looked at sooner than he did. I know his tenure as a Leaf wasn’t memorable, but it could have been. It was a long, long way from being a bust.

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