Thank You for the Music

(Yes, that’s an ABBA reference in the title. So sue me.)

I’m still working on a review of last night’s concert…but in the meantime, can we give pause for the year in music? Speaking strictly for myself, I could make a case for 2006 being the greatest year ever as far as new releases are concerned…especially if you’re counting my own favourite performers:

  • Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam
  • The Who, Endless Wire
  • Bruce Springsteen, We Shall Overcome
  • The Tragically Hip, World Container
  • Tom Waits, Orphans
  • Bob Dylan, Modern Times

That’s an astounding list. I feel reasonably confident in saying I’ll never see another year in which four of my five all-time favourite bands release a new album…I mean, one of them (the Who) might not release another new album period, let alone in the same 365-day span as the other three. As for the other two members of the list, I’ve raved enough about Modern Times that I don’t feel the need to rave about it again, while a shrinkwrapped copy of Orphans (a post-LSAT gift to myself) is sitting on my desk beside me and is eagerly awaiting consumption later tonight. Does like get any better than hearing Tom Waits covering “Heigh Ho” from Snow White & the Seven Dwarves. Because if it does, I wanna hear about it.

Otherwise, I’m still glowing from last night’s concert. I’ll get that review posted a.s.a.p.; tonight, however, I’m going to my third consecutive Toronto Maple Leafs home game, so it might have to wait til later in the week. Let’s bust outta that slump already, boys!


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