State of the Nation

Let the record reflect that the good people over at are currently engaged in a spirited debate over whether Pavel Kubina, the Leafs’ prized free agent signing this past offseason, should have been allowed to fly home to the Czech Republic to be with his girlfriend when she gave birth to their first child. Incredibly, a goodly number of ’em don’t think he should have been allowed to go; their reasoning, in essence, is that he’s being paid $5-million or so to play hockey, and that a small inconvenience like the birth of his first child shouldn’t prevent him from doing so, especially if said child is being born on another continent. Oh, those damn Euros. (Let the record also reflect that many of these same people wouldn’t have a problem with him flying home to Prague if he were making 15K a year. I sense a gap in logic.)

And speaking of the Leafs: after the back-to-back embarassments against the Ottawa Senators the Leafs are 6-1-0-0, and are serendipitously seventh overall in the National Hockey League. It’s clearly early–I mean, the Atlanta Thrashers are your current President’s Trophy winners–but it’s still much better than I think any of us were expecting. Unless you’re that psychic who went on 102.1 the Edge and predicted that the Leafs would be hoisting the Stanley Cup within the next twenty-four months. Then they’re probably playing exactly the way you thought they’d be playing.


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