What Can Blue Do For You?

Firstly, if you haven’t read about His Bobness please: scroll down.

But if you have…then please, go out and see the Blue Man Group immediately. Most of you are relatively close to the GTA (or will at least be visiting here soon). It’s here until January; really, you have no excuse. I actually wasn’t planning on seeing it myself, but then my friend Jen got tickets for her birthday and asked me to come along. I can’t really write a synopsis since, well, the show really isn’t about anything. It’s really a postmodern comment on the world, consisting of a bunch of performance art pieces strung together without any pretense of a connecting narrative, and which can’t really be described because they’d make absolutely no sense unless you’ve seen the show. (Believe me, I’d love to write about the teleprompters which led a third of the audience in a gangsta rap rendition of “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane…but I can’t, because it wouldn’t have the same effect.) But collectively, they’re utterly astounding. I’d love to write more–really, I would–but it’s kind of difficult when you’re robbed of the basis tools of theatre criticism. I’m sure a more clever person could write an extended treatise on the Blue Man Group and its relevance to modern society…but since I abandoned that lifestyle over a year ago, I’ll just be blunt and say, “Go see it.”


One thought on “What Can Blue Do For You?

  1. or better yet, if you have the bucks (which isn’t that much) hop on down to Vegas …. uber great place for vaction, easy on the pocket book, and the bule man gruop “lives” there if you miss it in the GTA!

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