Violins and Tambourines and This is What We Think They Mean

It wasn’t quite the command performance we were expecting–but still, how can you argue with this?


  • The Lonely End of the Rink
  • Three Pistols
  • In View
  • 38 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!! (Again! I heard it again! It’s been played live twice in the last thirteen years!)
  • The Drop-Off
  • Don’t Wake Daddy
  • Puttin’ Down (again, feel free to retire this one)
  • Luv(sic)
  • Grace, Too (frigging TITANIC version, one which gave the Ottawa Bluesfest 2004 version a run for its money)
  • Bobcaygeon (once again dedicated to Toronto’s finest; the first “old” song that was repeated during the four-night stint)
  • Pretend
  • Lionized!
  • Fly
  • The Kids Don’t Get It (again, a colossus)
  • Sherpa (*giggle*)
  • Yer Not the Ocean (Gord: “I mean this as a compliment.”)
  • Locked in the Trunk of a Car (why they don’t play this more often I do not know)
  • Family Band

Again, rapturous applause…and they’re back!

  • World Container
  • Heaven is a Better Place Today
  • Blow at High Dough (which–thank goodness–replaced “No Threat” on the written setlist. “No Threat” to close a four-night stand??)

And so another solid night–albeit one that lacked either the communal orgasm or total shock to the system of night one (“Fifty Mission Cap” and “On the Verge,” respectively). But it was epic in its own right. Gord Downie’s rock star and performance artist personas are still locked in mortal combat with one another; hopefully the arena tour will let us figure out which one wins.


5 thoughts on “Violins and Tambourines and This is What We Think They Mean

  1. It’s hard not to laugh about that. Also, the original comment re. “Unplucked Gems” was “dedicated to Adrian Cheung and Rohit Aggarwal”, but I decided to switch it up.

  2. Oh Gavin. Move to St. Louis already. 🙂 Props, though. They played well despite a worse regular season than the Toronto Blue Jays. Anyway, Steve, you have to explain what is wrong with Puttin’ Down. It’s a decent song. Just because you’d rather hear On The Verge (and yeah, who wouldn’t), doesn’t justify the defamation of the song. 🙂

  3. “Puttin’ Down” is an AWFUL song. It has nothing to do with “On the Verge”, or anything else really–I’d honestly rather hear practically any song in the Hip catalogue. And the thing is, THEY KEEP PLAYING IT WHENEVER I SEE THEM. It’s getting endemic! If they insist on playing a token MM@W song, there are SO many better ones (they played “Tiger the Lion” the night before…now that woulda been sweet). So yeah: that’s what’s wrong with “Puttin’ Down”. It’s not my favourite song in the world, yet the Hip seem to think I really, really like hearing it. 😉

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