Firstly, in case you haven’t been following it, an absolute free-for-all is developing in the comments section of the “Brown Wedding” entry. Scroll down to see what I mean.

Secondly, at some point last week–I won’t say when exactly, because I don’t want you to feel bad if you’re one of the people who forgot–I turned twenty-six. The celebrations were deliberately low-key: Bri and I went to the zoo (Flickr update to follow), then had dinner with my parents and drinks with a few friends. It probably sounds boring–but it’s exactly the way I wanted to celebrate, largely because I despise making a big deal out of my birthday. Plus, I’d almost always rather be low-key in general; I don’t see why my birthday would be any reason to change that.

But enough of that. The point is, I’m now twenty-six–and for the first time in my life, I’m feeling old. Not “old” in an “oh God, my life is slipping through my fingers!” kind of way, but old in a “hmm, maybe I should start doing something with my life” kind of way. I’ve actually never felt bothered by getting older; each subsequent year is usually better than its predecessor, and besides which the alternative (i.e., death) is a hell of a lot less attractive. I’m excited by the year ahead of me…and with that, here’s a totally cliched list of twenty-six things I want to accomplish when I’m twenty-six. I’ll reread this entry next August and see how successful I was.

  1. Get back into shape…like, the kind of “eating healthy/running/working out/playing ultimate three times a week” shape I was in the summer after fifth year. I’m still amazed by how unmotivated I’ve become since moving here.
  2. Join a band.
  3. Rewrite the LSATs–and this time, break 160.
  4. Go to Europe. Not “England”–“Europe”. (And England too, of course, but I’m in the mood for one of those cliched, post-undergrad European vacations.)
  5. Volunteer; I figure I owe Sick Kids at least ten years.
  6. Totally excel at my new job, then blow my $1,000 end-of-year bonus on something completely frivolous…like gorilla art for Bri.
  7. Start making my own coffee in the morning.
  8. Start cooking my own food. Not “throwing a pile of French fries on a sandwich and calling it a meal” type cooking–I actually want to get good at this.
  9. Join a soccer team. Paul returns to Canadian soil in just over a year, and I want him to walk into an established team.
  10. Start golfing again. My legendary round of 104 at the Oshawa Golf Club actually reminded me why I love the game as much as I do; actually, maybe I’ll sacrifice a trip to Europe for a golf vacation.
  11. Go to Fenway Park…for a game, this time. Then, go to Yankee Stadium with Jamie and Jeff.
  12. Train for a half-marathon, even I don’t end up running it.
  13. Get my Pearl Jam posters framed. I’ve got this impressive collection of posters for about half the Pearl Jam concerts I’ve attended…and they’re all in storage tubes. This has to change.
  14. Keep my room cleaned and organized. By the way, I’m twenty-six, not sixteen.
  15. Broaden my horizons where music, movies and literature is concerned. In terms of literature, I want to start reading for pleasure again. Grad school nearly destroyed my ability to enjoy a good book; working for a literacy program will hopefully correct this.
  16. Acquire a complete set of hockey cards. Again, I’m twenty-six.
  17. Buy Bri flowers.
  18. Attend a church service. Incredibly, I haven’t been to a regular (i.e., non-wedding/funeral or religious holiday) church service in over three years. Three years!
  19. Learn German…like, for real this time, not the way I pretended to learn it in first year university. (By the way, can you imagine how different my life would have been had I not taken that class? I can’t…this warrants its own entry, I feel.)
  20. Have someone utter the phrase “Choose your words carefully, Mr. Johns, they may be your last” with purpose and intent. Okay, this one is probably far-fetched.
  21. See Pearl Jam in an utterly random location…like, at least twice as random as State College or Hershey. Is there a way of measuring this? Someone give me suggestions.
  22. Make mix CDs for Heather Johnson and Laura Schaefer, along with apology notes for taking so long.
  23. Have a much better idea about where I’m headed. I’m not saying I want a career/mortgage/family by the time I’m twenty-seven, but a better idea of how each of these would fit in would be nice.
  24. Successfully guide Southampton to a Champions League victory in Football Manager (which is probably a lofty ambition, seeing as I’ve currently got them mired in mid-table obscurity).
  25. Finish watching Season 1 of The O.C..
  26. Be able to look back at twenty-six and say, with confidence, that it was better than twenty-five.

There. Twenty-six things to do in the next, uh, 359 days. I’ll get back to you on the 360th and let you know how I did.


13 thoughts on “26-for-26

  1. You should probably put a link to this below your blog-roll, so that you can come back to it and cross things off as you go.I like the idea of gorilla art!

  2. oh and #27 (or 26b) organize a fantasy football league for gavin and other friends, or at least assist him in setting one up because football season becomes far less meaningful when there’s no one to gloat over…this is actually a Gavin list, nothing really to do with your b-day.but your list is quite admirable.and I’d love to offer suggestions for #15 and no Pink Floyd would not be on the top of the list

  3. Number 25 – Successfully guide Southampton to a Champions Leauge victory. So you still haven’t picked a football team yet, Southampton or the Great Evil. C’mon Steve-o, turn your eyes upon the fields of Anfield Road.

  4. Paul, let’s be honest: I would rather not watch football than support that shite team of yours. Tim, I’ve done all I can possibly do in FM with Man United; I need a new challenge; I’ve got one…trust me. 😉

  5. a) Pearl Jam are playing Australia in a few months…how random is THAT???b)Training for the 1/2 marathon, though i didn’t end up running it, was one of the best experiences of my life. Just take care of your shins. c)Making your own coffee blows. d)Fuck a cliched trip to Europe…you know whats even more cliched?? A trip up the east coast of Australia with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Thats all I got. You’re inspiring a blog entry as we speak.

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