Running Down a Dream

I haven’t written a new blog entry in a week–which is ironic, since for the first time in a long while I’ve actually got things I want to write about…like how Rahul is getting married on Saturday, or how “Inside Job” is quickly becoming my favourite Pearl Jam song of all-time.

Or how I’m striking a top-two band from my “gotta see ’em live before I die” list: on September 8, I’m seeing Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers in concert. The presale was last Thursday; presales are usually pointless, but this one yielded a pair of 8th row tickets. I don’t usually advocate buying expensive seats–but for the “last” Tom Petty tour, I wasn’t about to turn them away. So I bought them, then bought a copy of Petty’s greatest hits album for the car. And I’m excited–like, really excited…even if Pearl Jam isn’t his opening band any more.

For the record, the other bands in the top five:

  • AC/DC. No, I wasn’t at SARStock, and don’t regret missing it. But I regret having missed AC/DC…if that makes sense.
  • Social Distortion. I keep putting off seeing them live; I need to stop doing this.
  • Cream. I don’t know if this one counts, since they’re not a touring band per se.
  • Tom Waits. No chance.

Last week, a coworker and I made a list of performers we wish we could see irrespective of era or logistics (i.e., if the band is even together, or if its membership is still alive). My top five: Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin, Faith No More, Appetite for Destruction-era Guns N’ Roses and U2 in the mid- to late-80s, when Bono’s Messianic complex was at its peak. I don’t envision those ones happening; happily, where Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers is concerned, I can finally stop running down the dream.




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