I Got A Job!

I’ll keep this short, but oh-so-sweet: yesterday, I got hired to coordinate the MS Read-a-Thon in 2006/07! So, starting on August 28, I’ll have a full-time job…and for the first time in my life I’ll be earning a salary, not an hourly wage. I don’t know many specifics yet, so I can’t really tell you what I’ll be doing. But I do know this much:

  • It’s a ten-month contract;
  • I won’t be earning benefits;
  • I’ll be one of the only males in the office; and
  • I’ll be spending six weeks travelling around the province making presentations to elementary school children. This will very likely include a stint in Northwestern Ontario; in case you don’t think I’ll be lobbying hard for that leg of the trip…well, you obviously don’t know me very well.

I’ll also mention that it took not one, not two, but three interviews to land the job. I didn’t even realize third-round interviews existed…let alone third-round interviews in which I would be required to speak French for the first two questions, which made it even more nervewracking. But I felt good during the final interview; when I left I thought to myself, “Okay, you nailed that one.” It was a good feeling; either I was getting hired, or I was going down in a blaze of glory. I then spent the next five days awaiting a decision; it finally came yesterday at 3:10pm.

So: I’ve got a job. But I’m planning on sticking around at the Hockey Hall of Fame to work the occasional evening and weekend shift; plus, if all goes well, I’ll get my marking job back as well, which means I’ll be juggling one full-time job and two part-time jobs this year. I plan on saving as much money as possible, not to mention paying off my line of credit; then, when it’s over, I plan on flying to Europe and blowing most of it. (I’m only half-serious about that last bit…I think.) But that’s for later. For now, I can start mapping out the next year of my life; as much as I’ve relished a break from reality (which, really, is what this last year was all about) it’ll be nice to get back to the real world for a bit.


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