The Great Northern Trendkill

Bless my girlfriend’s big heart: as smart as she is, she just isn’t up to speed with her heavy metal music. So when this man…

…walked (and breathed and spit) into her restaurant tonight, she had no idea who he was. He is, in fact, none other than Vinnie Paul, drummer for the late–and some would say great–Pantera, as well as one of the most respected drummers in metal music. Evidently he was in town doing promotional work; he serendipitously left a copy of his travel itinerary behind, which is how she knew his name. If she knew that he was one of the men responsible for The Great Southern Trendkill I’m sure her reaction would have carried more reverence.


3 thoughts on “The Great Northern Trendkill

  1. show of hands…how many of your readers knew who he was by the picture alone?I’m proud to say the first thing I thought was “oh thats Pantera’s drummer, what on earth is steve doing with his picture?”

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