An "I’m Still Alive!" Kind of Post

T-minus five days until the big, bad LSAT meets its match in the form of a skinny white guy from Northwestern Ontario. I wrote a practice exam yesterday which, had I written it when the test was actually administered (June 2002), would have gotten me in the 88th percentile; that’s okay…but I want some more, and over the course of the next five days I’m aiming to nudge my way into the 90th percentile. That would, in theory, get me into most Canadian law schools…and having said that, by no means have I come to a decision on it. “Sooner or later,” like the English Beat said.

Right now, I’m procrastinating. The Pearl Jam bootleg application–only the most evil computer program known to man–weaseled its way back into my life on Sunday, and the result was a trio of shows from the first leg of the band’s current “world wide” tour: both Toronto shows, plus the ludicrously good Grand Rapids show which, had it not been for the LSATs, I would have attended. I need to get back on this tour, whether it’s in North America or…well, not. I keep forgetting that I’ve got a pair of Tragically Hip concerts in two weeks’ time–but after that, my concert year dries up. Bruce Springsteen is bypassing Toronto–hardly surprising, given that he’s touring in support of an album full of American folk songs. The Who will be by in the fall, but there’s a big gap between now and then. Guess I’ll have to milk that Blue Jays season pass for all its worth

Can you tell I’m procrastinating? I find that when I’m writing blog entries about what I’ll be doing in the coming weeks, it means I’ve probably got more pressing matters to attend to right now. But studying for the LSATs can be difficult. Like I said, there’s no knowledge base for the test; all you can do is keep writing practice exams and hope your scores start to climb. In that vein, it’s sort of like the SAT, but without the ridiculous verbal section. Speaking of which, did you know I actually wrote the SAT? I had vague ambitions of attending the University of Minnesota, and so I studied for the SAT and wrote it in…Toronto, of all places. It’s worth mentioning that that weekend was significant for two reasons not counting the SAT (which I more-or-less stopped studying for in mid-April when it became clear that I wasn’t going to Minnesota after all). Firstly, the day before the test of visited the University of Toronto–and immediately realized I wouldn’t be going there; put differently, that weekend eventually brought me to Queen’s. Secondly, the night before the test I saw my first-ever game at the Air Canada Centre, a 2-1 Maple Leafs victory in overtime against the Philadelphia Flyers.

And speaking of playoff hockey, thank goodness I’m not an Edmonton Oilers fan. There they were, twenty minutes away from stealing home ice advantage and totally altering the complexion of the Stanley Cup Final…and now they’re officially a Dead Man Walking team. I fear for Mike Jones’ well-being.


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