Some Die Just to Live

I fell off The O.C. bandwagon this year, largely because the episodes were becoming so ridiculous that I couldn’t take the show seriously anymore. But the last few episodes before yesterday’s season finale showed promise–and so last night, I made it a point to tune in. The verdict? Incredible. (*Spoiler alert!* If you’re planning on watching the season finale, read no further; if you’re not, or if you already have, proceed.) Honestly, I had no idea Marissa was being killed off; I still wouldn’t be entirely convinced she was dead if the show’s official website didn’t confirm it. Marissa Cooper is dead! Unbelievable! I’m also happy that the show’s creators had enough conviction to actually kill her off; Bri and I were both certain she’d be really badly hurt but resurrected in next season’s premier, but from the looks of it they’ve actually done away with her. I’ve never followed a t.v. show in which a primary character was killed off (well, with the possible exception of E.R., although I’d basically stopped watching when Dr. Greene went off to die); naturally, everybody is talking about The O.C. again…which I’m pretty sure explains why they did what they did.

By the way, does anybody else think I’m really, really pathetic for writing this?


5 thoughts on “Some Die Just to Live

  1. You’re right: it’s still on the air. πŸ˜‰Also, Tim, remember when you thought you were being set up with a cast member of The O.C.? Ah, memories. πŸ˜€

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