Vicariously I Live While the Whole World Dies

I’m nearing the end of a dizzying ten-day stretch of self-gratification. Tonight it’s Tool at the Hummingbird Centre. Adam scored us a pair of tickets within five seconds of them going on sale–a number I feel confident stating since the show sold out in ten seconds–which means that tonight, we’ll be witnessing one of the world’s foremost progenitors of prog-metal inside a theatre. After that I’ll have officially blown my entertainment budget til at least the fall. Plans of going to Cleveland and Detroit to see Pearl Jam have been effectively scuppered: once I’m done paying off the indiscretions of the last few weeks I’ll be staring at a woefully minuscule bank statement. I probably can’t justify this…so instead, I try and imagine what my children would rather hear about: how my twenties were characterized by frugality and sound financial decision-making or how dad used to traipse around the world following a rock n’ roll band on tour.

If my kids are like me, they’ll vote for the second option. Also, they would probably really, really, really want to hear “Forty-Six & Two” tonight.


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