The waiting drove me mad…but tomorrow, I’m seeing Pearl Jam again. If it feels like only yesterday that I was blogging about following the band on their 2005 Canadian tour, well, you’re not the only one who feels like that; in a weird way, I actually wish the shows weren’t happening quite so soon so that I could have more time to grow into the band’s latest album (which I still love, by the way). I was going to create another, tour-specific blog for this latest foray…but since it currently involves only a pair of shows, both of which are taking place in the GTA, it seemed pointless. I’d planned on doing at least six shows in 2006, which would’ve brought my grand total up to twenty-five, but various conflicts made it difficult. I might be able to squeeze another couple in–but for now, there’s the very real chance that the two Air Canada Centre shows are all the live Pearl Jam I’ll see this year.

But so what? It’s quality over quantity, right? Right?? So with that, here are the top ten songs (old and new alike) that I’m pining for this week:

  1. “Long Road” (still my #1 Pearl Jam song of all-time)
  2. “Severed Hand” (favourite song off the new album)
  3. “Footsteps” (my new “Hard to Imagine”)
  4. “Tremor Christ” (only song on Vitalogy I haven’t heard live)
  5. “Comatose” (other favourite song off the new album)
  6. “Marker in the Sand” (growing on me)
  7. “Rockin’ in the Free World” (defined the 2005 tour for me)
  8. “Hard to Imagine” (oh, twist my arm!)
  9. “Corduroy” (not sure why, but it’s been running through my head lately)
  10. “Given to Fly” (won’t ever tire of hearing it)

For some reason, Pearl Jam can’t seem to get enough of Toronto: this week’s concerts will be their third and fourth Toronto shows in the past three years, which is saying nothing of the gigs they played in outlying areas last fall. Me, I’m just excited to see them touring with new material again: it’s been almost three years since my last show of the Riot Act tour (Hershey, PA). Full reports to follow!


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