The Results Are In!

Final standings in the Championemiership:

1 Team Awesome 3,091.50
2 The Benitlez 3,024.50
3 Saba United 2,979.00
4 Peter North Stars 2,842.00
5 Thunder Boltz 2,730.00
6 Sponsored by Chorley FM 2,566.00
7 Ottawa 1,933.00
8 Punjab Police 1,729.50
9 Git ‘R’ Done 1,643.00

Yup, that’s good ol’ Team Awesome at the top of the table, reclaiming the league title for the first time since 2003/04! I could mention how the Benitlez jumped out to a seemingly insurmountable lead, how the manager for Team Awesome (in an obvious nod to Sir Alex Ferguson) conceded the championship in January, how his team refused to lay down, how Wayne Rooney and Emmanuel Adebayor carried them into first, and how they wrapped it all up with an utterly dominant final week…but I won’t.

Because I’m bigger than that.

And a champion.


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