Ben Folds

Ben Folds is just so damn likeable, y’know? His music is likeable. He has a likeable persona. And in a live setting, the combination of likeable music and a likeable persona makes for a likeable evening–even if I wish he’d focused more on his raucous, piano-pounding songs than on his softer, more sensitive-like material (although “The Luckiest” was conspicuous by its absence tonight). Still, there was much to like: the random appearance by a busker and his hi-hat (named “the Hi-Hat Guy,” appropriately enough), for instance, or Ben’s ridiculous cover of the Dr. Dre song “Bitches Ain’t Shit”–which led, incongruously, into “Brick”. Personal highlights, apart from the aforementioned nod to D.R.E.: “Kate” (the one song I wanted to hear), the sing-a-long to “Army” and Ben chanelling Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock…on a bass guitar. Anyway, I just finished a lot of driving and have to work in nine hours, so I’m tapping out. I’ll try to elaborate on this tomorrow; if nothing else I need to expound upon mine and Bri’s conversation on the cultural differences of Canadian and American dudes.


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