Blank Page is All the Rage

I’m still trying to find something meaningful to write about.

Exactly one year ago today Pearl Jam announced its Canadian tour, which means that exactly one year ago at 7:30 this morning I was bouncing around my house like Reese Witherspoon in Election. This also means that, exactly one year ago this week, I was wrapping up the classroom component of my miserable grad school experience: I was busy writing a historiographical essay about the Holocaust, outlining my major research paper, and wishing to God I hadn’t allowed myself to be talked into doing grad school in the first place.

But here’s the rub: when I was in school I found that my blog entries were infinitely more interesting than they are right now. So what if I wasn’t happy? At least I had a place where I could come and rant; it made me feel like I was letting go of some of my hostility, even if in reality I was probably doing little more than whining. Occasionally I’ll go back and look at some of the old entries. I’m often struck by how much better my writing used to be, and how I’ve seemingly become a far less interesting person since dropping out of teacher’s college in the fall.

Working at a place like the Hockey Hall of Fame is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s an undeniably neat job; today, for instance, I spent fifteen minutes polishing the Stanley Cup, which I’m reasonably confident cannot be said of anyone who reads this blog. On the other hand, when I’m there my whole life is devoted to hockey. I simply can’t ignore it; I’m literally surrounded by the game from the second I walk in. In the process, I’m starting to become a bit too one-track minded for my liking. For all its faults I could never accuse grad school of fostering intellectual myopia.

Alas, a corollary of my diminishing intellectual horizons is a blog which, at least in my opinion, is far less interesting to read. I’m not looking for validation here: I’m simply acknowledging the fact that my blogging isn’t as interesting as it used to be and that I’m going to strive to make it better in the future. I’m going to start by writing more meaningful entries. I’m not going to stop writing about the things that interest me the most; if you think, for instance, that I won’t be writing a blow-by-blow account of the new Pearl Jam album then you’re seriously mistaken. Ultimately, this is my blog–and my blog wouldn’t be “my” blog if it didn’t contain a big chunk of what makes me, “me.” But I want to write more meaningful content, as well. I want to push myself to think a bit more; if I’m not going to be challenging my intellectual frontiers when I go to work (which I’m not necessarily complaining about, by the way) then at least I can strive to do it when I’m not at work. By that same token, I’m also in the process of conscientiously broadening my horizons. Later this week I’ll be making lists–of books I want to read, movies I want to watch, places I want to visit, topics I want to explore…anything, really, that will enable me to better explore the world around me. My trip to England underscored the fact that I need to be a better global citizen. I’m growing too comfortable; I need to start getting out of my comfort zone, because only then will I begin to realize my potential.

So: with that, look for me to start being a little bit deeper every so often. And if that thought scares you, fear not: I couldn’t maintain a blog called “Stuff and Nonsense” without delving into the mundane on a regular basis. With Pearl Jam and Tool releasing new albums on the same day, a brand new baseball season upon us, and a road trip to Detroit looming, I’ll certainly have plenty of that to keep me occupied.

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