In Honour of a Truly Great Canadian

Today is Jeff Gulley’s 26th birthday…and naturally I can’t celebrate with him because he’s in the Czech Republic, thus offering more evidence that going to a foreign country for an extended period of time is a really bad idea. To Gulley, and everybody else who isn’t in Canada right now: get back again, so I can fete you in the manner you deserve. In the meantime, here are five random pictures featuring Mr. Dulley; if the third one looks ridiculous it’s because I had to fiddle with its size, but it needed to be posted.

At Filthy McNasty’s, as part of a motley crew which included Andy, Jeff Pine and Jamie (pictured) on his first night in Toronto.

James’ 22nd birthday. This was the night James wandered into the wrong washroom at the Madi, then collapsed on the floor in front of a bouncer and, later, christened the upstairs bathroom at my parents’ house. Historic night.

Ah, memories. And speaking of memories and anniversaries, today is also the twelfth anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide. How these two events are connected I do not know; I do know that Gulley hates Nirvana, which makes me question their relationship even more. But whatever: happy birthday, Gulley! Come home, dammit!


5 thoughts on “In Honour of a Truly Great Canadian

  1. Been checkin’ out your blog since I’ve had Jeff’s computer and love your posts…Thanks for the Birthday tribute to my little bro…it’s nice to see what he was up to during those years in Kingston…we always had our suspicions… now they’ve been confirmed! 🙂Jen

  2. Steve-o….you’ve outdone yourself. Thanks brutha…And everyone else, Steve’s right: foreign countries aren’t all they’re cracked up to be 😉

  3. …and sadly Steve, I do remember that night. It’s the night I could have slept with Kealy Syme but was too tanked on a gin drunk to even walk home. I bet you’ve never seen anybody almost tip completely over after putting on a back-pack ever since have you?

  4. All I remember was standing on the front porch at 396 Johnson Street with Darren and saying, “Are you *sure* you’re okay to walk home?” You just stared at us, then wheeled around and left. It was an epic sign-off. No, really, I can’t imagine a funnier sight. btw, Jen, in Gulley’s defense I should point out that three of those five pictures were taken in Toronto. If you want to see Kingston photos, I’ve got plenty of those as well. 😉

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