Even Better Than The Real Thing

Last week Bri Monster asked me to describe what it was like going to Old Trafford–and I couldn’t. I do know that, when I stepped off the train outside the stadium, I actually teared up; it was one of the most awesome experiences of my life. I’d been waiting twenty-five years to get there; when I arrived it was actually better than I could have anticipated. I’m not sure how to explain this, so I’ll go by it circuitously. Back in September 2003, I heard Bruce Springsteen play “Jungleland” live. “Jungleland” was, and remains, my favourite Springsteen song, and is easily one of my top five favourite songs of all-time. Yet when I heard it played live, it was almost a letdown; in a way, the anticipation–the idea–of hearing “Jungleland” surpassed the reality. But visiting Old Trafford was actually better than what I expected it to be like. In fact, in the weeks since the match, my love of United has actually intensified. The live experience cements a fan’s relationship with their favourite team; I believe this now more than ever.

Anyway. I’ve got a lot of thoughts about the experience, which I’ll get to later this week (promise!). In the meantime, here are a few pictures.

This is what Liverpool looked like the morning of the game–I shit you not. For a few frightening minutes, I thought it’d be postponed. This was like a real Canadian blizzard.


One thought on “Even Better Than The Real Thing

  1. My enduring memory of the weekend, stumbling down the hill in shin deep snow to get you to the train — trying to convince you the game was going to be cancelled….good times

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