W. Axl Rose Returns!…Sorta

Seems like W. Axl Rose, who went A.W.O.L. after stomping out of the most recent Guns N’ Roses tour, has returned to civilization–and is guaranteeing that this, finally, will be the year that his long-delayed opus Chinese Democracy finally hits record shelves. According to W. Axl, he and his band–which at this point cannot be un-ironically referred to as Guns N’ Roses–have twenty-six songs completed. Twenty-six! I wonder if Chinese Democracy will end up being another Use Your Illusion.

At any rate, I’ve been on a major Guns N’ Roses kick as of late–and it’s gotta be said: for all of Axl’s well-documented idiosyncracies, his band was still boss when they were in their prime. Appetite for Destruction is still one of the first albums I remember hearing; actually, I vividly remember sitting in Mme. Peloquin’s Grade Four class, possibly during an indoor recess, and crowding around a ghetto blaster to listen to “It’s So Easy” (when the infamous line, “You think you’re so cool? Why don’t you just…fuck off!” came, my friend Yannick Charland made a facial expression I’ll take to the grave with me). Almost twenty years later, the album has lost none of its original power. Sure, the band got swept under the rug by the grunge revolution four years later–but if it hadn’t have been for that and for the fact that Axl got bigger than Jesus (at least in his own mind), GN’R could have been “it”. Y’know?

And speaking of GN’R, can anyone imagine how ridiculous an actual revival would be? Like, if Slash and Axl ever started talking again, and all of a sudden the original line-up was touring North America…I mean, we’d be talking U2-style frenzy here, wouldn’t we? Also, what can we make of the fact that Axl made his grand re-entry into civilization wearing a Maple Leafs jersey? Anything? Nothing? I guess we’ll see.


3 thoughts on “W. Axl Rose Returns!…Sorta

  1. If you missed it, I actually put a post about Axl a few weeks ago, and believe it or not, he is wearing a Maple Leafs jersey. Chinese Democracy drops in March! Check out the post < HREF="http://tdot.blogspot.com/2006/01/welcome-to-jungle.html" REL="nofollow">here<>.

  2. That’s an awesome video, dude. The sad thing about Guns N’ Roses is, unless Chinese Democracy is *really* good then the band will probably dissolve for good, and in twenty years all people will remember is how Axl sabotaged them by getting too big for his own breeches (or is it britches? I never know with that word). But there was a time when GN’R actually ruled; I’d hold AFD up against almost any debut in the history of rock n’ roll, and feel I could convincingly argue it’s on par with most of them. And speaking of GN’R, I never understood Nirvana’s blood feud with them–or rather, Kurt Cobain’s blood feud with Axl Rose. As much as he’s a martyr for our generation, and as much as I love his band’s music, I can’t help but think of Cobain as the biggest, whinest, snivellingnest prig in alt-rock. His self-absorption was staggering; I’m still amazed that he’d call out Pearl Jam for being “fake” alternative when the band predated his own. But whatever.

  3. GNFNR Rulz I was once asked straight up, if I had to choose one band between the 2, and the other would never have existed….I said GNR without hesitation. Nirvana yes important, but GNR just kicked serious ass, and listening to them pumps me up as opposed to puts me down like nirvana could be sometimes, and you’re right steveo, KC was a whiner compared to AR.

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