God’s Senator

I rarely buy Rolling Stone–which puzzles me actually, because as much as I like to adopt a faux hipster stance when it comes to the magazine, I’m usually entertained whenever I read it. Case in point: last week I bought a Rolling Stone to tide me over during a GO Train ride (yes, it’s the one with Kanye wearing a crown of thorns on the cover), and stumbled across this amazing article about Sam Brownback, the American religious right’s new poster boy. The article intimates, among other things, Brownback’s dream of seeing the U.S. state wither away and for the twin pilars of capitalism and evangelism to assert themselves in its place as the United States realizes its preordained role as “the city on the hill”. It also details Brownback’s involvement with the so-called Fellowship, a group of select American men who feel they’ve been divinely inspired to lead the United States towards her utopia. This is thoroughly stimulating reading–and if you’ve got a few minutes to kill, I recommend that you read it, too.

On a related point, the costs of finding WMDs in Iraq have surpassed $300-billion. Once again, I’m baffled that the American people are letting George W. Bush get away with this. “Ask not what you can do for your country,” the Avengers once wrote, “but what your country’s been doing to you.” If I were an American, I’d be asking that question pretty damn loudly–and looking for answers.


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