Macmillan for President!

To any and all Queen’s students who read this blog: please, vote for James Macmillan for AMS President. This kid is a star in the making. If you’re not convinced, read his interview with The Journal…then head on over to the polls and cast your vote. The world needs this to happen.

More on Jmac’s bid:

  • One student’s opinion
  • The Jmac team’s website
  • This has nothing to do with the election per se, but how can you argue against a guy like the one in this picture? Not to mention the fact that the photo was taken during Cuts for Cancer, which needless to say has my full endorsement. So what if he’s a Senators fan? You shave your head for cancer, and you’re a hero in my books. (Kevin, you are clearly the exception to this rule.)

So: tomorrow and Wednesday, do yourselves a favour and elect this man as AMS President. And if you’re not a Queen’s student…well, thanks for reading.


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