Super Bowl, Super Blog Part II

Well, I was right…sort of. But in being wrong, I inadvertently won $100 by capturing the office Super Bowl grid (I had Pittsburgh 1, Seattle 0…obviously, at least if you know what I’m talking about). As for the Stones, their performance was solid; I’m also mildly surprised that my first two predictions came true (and to be fair, I should have seen “Satisfaction” coming in at #3, even if its selection was either a, brilliantly prescient; b, slightly naive; c, acquiescence to popular taste; or d, a little bit of all three). This wasn’t a Super Bowl for the ages by any means: more absorbing than genuinely thrilling, it offered few of the “take your breath away” moments which typified some of the recent games (Randal-El’s touchdown pass to Hines Ward being an obvious exception). In the end, the better team didn’t necessarily win–but the one who made plays when it mattered certainly did. I can’t wait to read Bill Simmons’ dissection of Seattle’s two, two-minute drills. Of course, if they’d been at all effective, I wouldn’t be $100 richer.

Oh, and if there was ever any chance of Adam Say scoring ever again…well, it’s gone now. Congratulations, buddy.


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