iTunes Top 10

Getting strep throat has its advantages…I think. For one, I’m able to play hours of guilt-free Football Manager 2005 because, well, I can’t do anything physically exerting. For another, I can sleep til 10:30am without consequence. And for another, I can get better–because forfeiting $100+ for missing two shifts yesterday just wasn’t cool with me, and I don’t intend on doing it again.

Anyway. I was actually off this computer for much of January, so this month’s top ten songs list is woefully inadequate. Basically, I listened to a lot of live Pearl Jam in January; however, for variety’s sake, I haven’t included all of it. I’m not congent enough to write a better intro than this, I’m afraid…so until the drugs kick in and go to my brain, here’s this month’s list:

  1. Pearl Jam, “Present Tense” (live in Thunder Bay)
  2. Pearl Jam, “Hard to Imagine” (live in London, ON)
  3. Alice in Chains, “Rain When I Die”
  4. The Clash, “Straight to Hell”
  5. Jefferson Airplane, “White Rabbit”
  6. Queen, “Under Pressure”
  7. The Rolling Stones, “Out of Control”
  8. The Smashing Pumpkins, “Cherub Rock”
  9. Tool, “Lateralus”
  10. U2, “The Hands That Built America”

I’m off to lounge on the couch and, well, get better. Keep it vrai.


One thought on “iTunes Top 10

  1. What is it with boys and football manager? Seriously, do you not have a better, and more productive way to spend your leisure time? Is it really fun to sit at a computer and cheer while simple little dots race around the screen? WTF??? I have lost my man to the game, with absolutely no hope of bringing him back. So let me just say to all the men who haven’t discovered this game, please don’t! Don’t even go there! If you have a girlfriend, you may be able to keep her if you’re very special, but if you don’t have a girlfriend and you become addicted to this – you’ll NEVER have a girlfriend! It’s a simple fact.

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