Behold! The Plastics!

Ah, the election. Watching tonight’s leadership debate, in which Mssrs. Harper and Layton took turns slinging mud at Mssr. Martin while Mssr. Duceppe babbled incoherently in the background, left me asking one question: is this really the best we can do? No, seriously: in a country of thirty million people, we can’t find anybody more suited to run the country than any of these four idiots? Last summer, Bri went to Build-a-Bear, made a stuffed monkey, dressed him in a Toronto Maple Leafs hoodie and named him Fat Guts, ostensibly an homage to yours truly. I would argue that this monkey, who is inanimate, would be a better Prime Minister than any of these men. Hell, I’d rather have Tie Domi running the country.

If I’m sounding excessively flippant–I’d actually rather have Fat Guts running the country than Stephen Harper, by the way–it’s because tonight’s debate gave me no cause for optimism whatsoever. I guess I was hoping the issues would be more prevalent in the dialogue; instead, the four egos jostled with one another for position until there was nothing left but a bunch of finger pointings and eloquent variations on “He did it! I was here first! No, it’s my turn!” In retrospect, I should have called this blog entry “Me First and the Gimme Gimmes”–because to my jaundiced eye, that’s what this campaign is all about, instead of the issues which got these men here in the first place. I can’t believe I’ve got to tolerate two more weeks of this…or that there’s a reasonable chance Stephen Harper will be the next Canadian Prime Minister. I shudder to think.


3 thoughts on “Behold! The Plastics!

  1. frightening indeed.only options are to not vote (which makes you unable to complain about anything until next time u vote), or to vote for the environment, which will leave u a good feeling even if it won’t win any seats. better than the idiots.and explain why a party with candidates in almost all ridings cant be in the debate b/c they’re not “legitimate” yet a party who only has candidates in ONE province and who’s mandate is to LEAVE canada is allowed to be part?thats an open question to anyone please.

  2. here is a random thought i just had steve. It is hard to imagine any person who is young and passionate who could possibly be ‘for’ the liberals. I understand the NDP, Tories, Bloc etc but what exactly in the liberal platform can one be passionate about? Status quo? I have yet to meet someone who has been able to convince me why the liberals should stay in power – the only positive thing they can really say about the party is the current state of our economy. Further, given the moral bankruptcy of Canadian society in the sponsorship scandal, the anti-US sentiment Martin et al seem to subscribe to, a hopelessly underfunded military, the fiscal imbalances between the provinces that has royally pissed off Quebec, a 2 billion $$ gun registry program that has failed miserably, etc etc etc…. I don’t see how it is possible to keep these guys around. Cam

  3. It’s a good point, Cam–being passionate for the Liberals would essentially mean being passionate for the middle. Oddly enough, I’ve never voted for them; I’ve voted Conservative, NDP and Green, but never Liberal. After the debate, I probably won’t be voting Liberal this time around either: Martin looks like a defeated man, and so he’s started lashing out at people. I still can’t vote for Harper, for two reasons: one, he conveys leadership about as effectively as John Kerry; two, I’m not excited about becoming the 51st State, which probably sounds paranoid but based on his previous comments isn’t far fetched at all. That leaves the NDP; I think Jack Leyton’s a tool, so I hesitate to vote for them. Basically, I’m still undecided, but leaning towards NDP; if Rosie the Clown is resurrected in the GTA, however, it’ll be a slam dunk.

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