In the City of Blinding Lights

I’m having a serious problem getting motivated today. I’d intended to wake up early and then head down to Starbucks on the Beach to mark for a few hours, but the weather put a serious damper (*rimshot*) on my mood. Also, the papers are starting to blend into one another. In case you didn’t know, I recently picked up a hundred and seventeen–yes, a hundred and seventeen–essays from Ryerson University, and then was told to get the bulk of them back by next Friday. This should have incited panic in me…and it did, until each essay started to sound exactly like the one before it. The point, I guess, is that I’ve still got about a hundred left to go–which means the next few weeks are going to be one big, gigantic write-off.

But I digress. Evidently, the weather wasn’t bad enough to detract me from driving over to Music World and picking up U2’s new DVD, U2–Vertigo 2005: Live in Chicago. Not only that, I picked up the special edition, which apparently includes a documentary of the tour. (As we speak, Adam and Paul are busy vomitting in their own mouths.) I know I have an ambiguous relationship with U2, and that their (objectively excellent) September 17 concert at the Air Canada Centre made me even more conflicted…but damn, is this ever a good DVD. The direction is energetic, the sound quality is phenomenal (it sounds like U2 is playing in your living room) and the band is clicking on all cylinders from the first few notes of “City of Blinding Lights”. The film was made at the band’s May 9 and 10 concerts in Chicago–the latter of which Jamie and I were actually supposed to attend, but eschewed in favour of Nine Inch Nails (great call, that)–and it’s impossible to tell which song comes from which show (well, apart from the ones that were unique to each–“40”, for instance, which closed the show on the 9th). Oddly enough, Bono’s pontificating is much easier to stomach when it’s happening on TV; it’s like he’s a rock star who was invented for small screen consumption, even though his ego projects into the furthest reaches of any large sports venue. I’m not sure where I’m going with this–I really just wanted an excuse to write something, since I’ve been lagging these past couple weeks–but if you’re curious to see how the Vertigo tour looked and felt, then check this out. It’s a very cool memento.


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