Oh So Special

For the first time in the eighty-six year history of the National Football League, a team had an interception return for a touchdown, a kick return for a touchdown and a punt return for a touchdown in the same game…and it was the Vikings who did it. Not only that, but they did it on the road, against the New York Giants–the Vikings’ Lex Luther for the last four years–and won the game 24-21 on a last-second Paul Edinger field goal. And I know I wrote the Vikings’ season off after the debacle in Carolina…but since then they’ve won two in a row, they’ve got a few winnable games coming up (vs. Cleveland, at Detroit) and their defense is finally showing signs of life. Am I back on board? Not quite–but this might change again next week.


4 thoughts on “Oh So Special

  1. must say its impressive, but i’ll be dissapointed in you when you jump back on board, and then you’ll be dissapointed with yourself when they fail you.but hey, at least you didn’t have to play Shaun Alexander…

  2. Well, let’s see: the Vikings are 4-5, with seven games remaining. Of those seven, I’d consider four (vs. Cleveland, @ Detroit, @ Baltimore and vs. Chicago) to be very winnable. I’d consider another two of them (@ Green Bay, vs. St. Louis) to be semi-winnable. And vs. Pittsburgh…well, whatever. The point being, Minnesota *could* make a legitimate push towards the playoffs. Hypothetically, if they beat the Packers next week (big “if”), they’d essentially bury Green Bay’s chances of winning the division; plus, if they beat the Lions as well, Detroit would be screwed (’cause Minnesota and Chicago would both be 2-0 against them). Plus, Chicago has a BRUTAL schedule from here on in–their next two games are vs. Carolina and @ Tampa, and they’ve still got Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Minnesota and Green Bay (twice) to go.Again, I’m not about to go all Chad Johnson here and guarantee that it’s going to happen; in fact, I fully expect the Vikings to lose spectacularly versus Green Bay next Monday. The point, I guess, is that the Vikings at least have a chance to finish the season with a measure of respectibility; they might even make a push towards the playoffs. If you’d have told me this two weeks ago, with Culpepper’s knee in four different parts, I’m pretty sure I’d have laughed it off. I guess it’s nice to feel at least a sense of redemption.

  3. true enough, thats not to say that ihaven’t been mightily impressed with the vikes run. at least u arent a rams fan. the 3 best players come back and suck balls

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