Just Shoot Me

Reason #14,532 why this “new” NHL is problematic: according to an article in today’s Toronto Star, shootout goals count towards a team’s overall total, even though they don’t count towards a player’s individual stats. The NHL clearly doesn’t know what to do with these shootouts they’ve implemented. On one hand, a shootout goal doesn’t count as an actual goal; on the other hand, a shootout win counts as an actual win. Does anybody else see the problem with this? Either shootouts count, or they don’t; the fact that the NHL can’t even decide whether shootout goals are “real” or not suggests that the league isn’t sure how to handle its latest ploy to win back transient American television viewers. To me, it seems simple enough: if shootouts are going to be used to break ties, then shootout goals need to count towards a player’s individual statistics–and if this seems as unappetizing to you as it does to me, then take it as a sign that the shootout doesn’t belong in the NHL. When Sepp Blatter suggested that penalties be used to settle ties in club football he was laughed at; oh that someone could have had the foresight to do the same to Gary Bettman.


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