That Night in Toronto Revisited

Just watched a few scenes from the Tragically Hip’s first-ever DVD, That Night in Toronto (named after a line from “Bobcaygeon”). The DVD was shot at the band’s November 26, 2004 concert at the Air Canada Centre. Talia scored the two of us a pair of ill 20th row floors, so we figured we’d be making some sort of appearance. Sure enough, during the 2nd encore break (in between “Three Pistols” and “Boots or Hearts”), you catch a brief glimpse of us doing our rock star thing; I’m the one on the right wearing the retro Minnesota North Stars ringer t giving the single-armed salute. It isn’t quite a thirty-second interview clip in a Martin Scorsese documentary (or a full-body heave in a KoRn bootleg), but it’s close…and yes, if you’re looking closely, that’s B Miles and D Wares making their own cameos right next to ours.

Oh, and the DVD is solid. This wasn’t the best Hip show I’ve seen–I’d probably rank it fourth of the four I saw in 2004, actually–but the DVD does as good a job as any music DVD I’ve seen at capturing what it was like to be in the venue that night.


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