Here We Go Again…

Good ol’ Queen’s University: barely a month after the carsonists of Homecoming ’05 left Adele Mercier comparing Queen’s students to the Hitler Youth, my favourite alma mater is back with its latest installment of “we just don’t have a fucking clue”. This time the culprit is a girl who deemed it appropriate to paint herself in black face and then go trick or treating as Miss Ethiopia. Ironically, she did it the same week as civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks passed away. Also ironically, she (or someone like her) sent her portfolio to Golden Words for their consideration; bigotry is apparently “in” at Queen’s University these days (although, as the girl put it, “It isn’t racist, it’s stereotypical”).

If you want to delve deeper, feel free: the Internet is already teeming with people’s reactions. Former GW editor Tavis MacCallum weighs in with this blog entry, whose comment section provides ample evidence that this isn’t an isolated mind at work. The Queen’s Live Journal community has been quick to condemn the girl’s actions. But if you can find it, the real nugget is her Facebook profile, in which she lists her favourite activities as including “passing out in random people’s houses”. Prof. Mercier’s silly juxtaposition of a street party gone wild with a genocidal political regime caused a maelstrom of controversy; if the Queen’s community doesn’t respond with similar outrage to this latest debacle I’d be surprised.

(By the way, this is the same school whose campus newspaper is currently debating the merits of using tasers for crowd control purposes at next year’s homecoming.)

Update: I decided to remove the girl’s actual name and year from my blog since a, I’d like to avoid a libel suit if at all possible, and b, judging from the comments over on Tavis’ blog she and her friends are so ass-backwards ignant it isn’t worth it. If you want to find out what it is, look elsewhere–it won’t be difficult to locate it. In that vein, I also dropped the comments section from this entry; it’s a shame, too, since this latest Queen’s mini drama actually opens up a lot of interesting discussion points, but after seeing what’s happened over at Tavis’ blog I figured it’d be best if mine could stay relatively idiot free…well, present company excepted.


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