This View, I Can Afford

Have you entered a contest, forgotten all about it, and then won? Because apparently, I just won two tickets to see Our Lady Peace at Massey Hall this coming Sunday. Again, I’d completely forgotten that I’d even entered this contest in the first place; I now vaguely recall picking up a ballot at SGS in late September, but even that might not be accurate. Regardless, today I got an E-mail from Rogers informing me I was “this close” to winning tickets to see Our Lady Peace–and after answering an insultingly easy skill-testing question ((5×5)-(3+1), in case you’re interested…and yes, it was multiple choice) I was sent to Ticketmaster’s website to print up my tickets.

Just like that, I’m off to see Our Lady Peace for the first time since June 21, 2003’s Concert for Toronto at SkyDome. I’ve written a lot about Our Lady Peace lately. Back in July I posted an entry in which I lamented on the band’s regression “from being utterly unique to being utterly anonymous in about two steps.” I still have no intention of picking up Healthy in Paranoid Times; I’m reasonably confident it’ll leave me feeling depressed and yearning for the band that gave me Clumsy and Naveed, so I think I’ll pass. Nor did I have any intention of paying to see Our Lady Peace live any time soon. If you don’t count two festival-type gigs, the last time I’ve seen then do a headlining show was November 22, 2000 at Grant Hall, as part of a four-date warm-up tour for the Spiritual Machines record (and I didn’t pay for it, either, which means I haven’t paid to see Our Lady Peace since the Road Trip of Infamy). That concert was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, a rare instance of Our Lady Peace being generous performers (it’s still the only show where I’ve heard a full-band “Julia”, for instance). But following Mike Turner’s departure and the foisting of Gravity unto the world, my interest in the band waned considerably. I made a half-hearted effort at getting tickets to their show at the Mod Club this summer; when that failed I more-or-less resigned myself to never seeing them live again, since I had zero intention of paying good money for an arena show.

Thanks to the good folks at Rogers, now I don’t have to pay a cent–and while I’m still reluctant to see Our Lady Peace in its current form, a pair of free tickets is a view that I can very much afford.


2 thoughts on “This View, I Can Afford

  1. Well, I’d say enjoy the show, but that isn’t so likely given your current (and perhaps permanent) attitude toward OLP/Raine Maida Experience/whatever. I will get that review finished eventually. BTW, Angels/Losing/Sleep is a great song, but that’s just me. 🙂

  2. Well…on their current tour, the band is playing gems including Waited, In Repair and Potato Girl, and if any one of those gets busted out then I think I’ll be happy. Actually, if they played anything off of either of their first four albums, I’ll be happy. Knowing my luck, however, they’ll open and close with Where Are You. :@

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