Ah, Memories

I love Ottawa Senators fans: five games into the 2005/06 season and they’re already setting up stanchions along Elgin Street in anticipation of a Stanley Cup parade in eight months’ time. Honestly? It could happen. Right now, the Senators are clearly the team to beat in the Eastern Conference; Dany Heatley has been rejuvenated, Dominik Hasek’s groin is still inexplicably healthy, Bryan Murray can’t possibly be anything but a sizeable upgrade over Jacques Martin…I mean, there’s no doubt that the Sens are legit this season.

But haven’t we heard this all before? Isn’t every year the Senators’ year? Hasn’t Ottawa been eliminated by the Toronto Maple Leafs four times in the last five playoffs? In other words, aren’t people getting just a bit carried away? I’ve got an entire, column-length blog entry in the pipeline on the ridiculous rivalry between the Sens and the Leafs–with the NHL’s new, wonky schedule they’ll be playing each other eight times this season not including any playoff encouter–which I’ll be unveiling shortly. In the meantime, and as a deliberate attempt to bait the Senators fans who read this blog, check out this link. If you’re worried about its contents, here’s the least you need to know: Leafs 5, Senators 4 (O.T.).



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