In Retrospecticus

It’s been a month since the last of my seven Pearl Jam concerts…which means it’s also been a month since I dropped out of school! (Honestly, best decision I’ve ever made, bar none; at some point in the coming week I think I’ll churn out a long, rambling, self-indulgent blog entry in which I extol the virtues of a life sans school. Who knew complete academic freedom could feel this good? And yet I digress.) Since I’m all about making huge deals out of meaningless anniversaries, I figured it was time for one last, declarative statement over at Touring Steve 2005. The title: “In Retrospecticus”. The subject: my Pearl Jam adventure. The purpose: to do as good a job as possible of tying it all together. The method: a brief summation of each of the seven shows, plus a top twenty-five list of what I’ll remember most about those eleven days in September 2005.

The link? Right here.


2 thoughts on “In Retrospecticus

  1. I like your blog! Found you randomly. I’m from Thunder Bay, love PJ .. just saw them here last month .. amazing amazing show.

  2. It was killer, eh? Never even dreamed of seeing Pearl Jam at the FWG…well, okay, I dreamed about it, but never thought for a second it might actually come true. For me, it was especially surreal since the previous two times I’d seen them had been at the FleetCenter in Boston (20k seats). Glad you like the blog. 🙂

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