Prof. Goebbels Strikes Again

God bless Prof. Adele Mercier: she’s made my fall at least 50% more entertaining than it otherwise might have been. As if she hadn’t dug a deep enough hole with her previous missives, now she’s back with a statement which concludes, “The AMS will get no apology from me, for I have nothing to apologize for. Nor will the AMS get a retraction from me, for I have nothing to retract, only some to add.” Excellent! Let’s see what she has to say this time.

(For the record: yes, I realize how ridiculous my title is. It’s almost as ridiculous as, say, comparing a group of party-goers to the Hitler Youth. But don’t expect me to apologize for it; if you’re offended, just leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to lambast you in a public forum.)


3 thoughts on “Prof. Goebbels Strikes Again

  1. Steve-oFor reasons that I have already explained to you, I don’t entirely agree with how you view this whole debacle. However, I will say this. 1 – This Adele character needs to stop talking. Whether people agree or even understand what she was saying, there is no way that her keeping the story alive is going to convince anyone. 2 – What’s the deal with all the Nazi references? Only two days ago a prominent Catholic Priest in Ireland compared Protestants in the country to the Nazi movement. This is the same Priest who only two weeks earlier witnessed the biggest ever destruction of IRA weapons. Surely we need to be more original and indeed attempt to stir more debate in our insults!!

  2. Tim,Like I said: she drops the Nazi reference (or even apologizes for using it in the first place), the whole incident is water under the bridge as far as I’m concerned. I think the people who were calling for her resignation are taking this whole “thought police” movement to new and uncomfortable lengths…I mean sure, the woman screwed up, but it’s not like she did anything *that* bad.But ultimately, I agree with you wholeheartedly that Prof. Mercier just needs to shut up. At this point she’s just digging herself a deeper hole; with each subsequent letter to the Journal she’s eradicating whatever credibility she may have once possessed. Like you, I think her main point was perfectly valid; unfortunately, she’s gone and ruined it, and then practically ruined her reputation. Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier to apologize? I don’t get where all her pride is coming from…I mean, does she *really* imagine herself to be such an iconoclast?And you’re also right in that Nazi references are getting kind of boring. What we really need is a neo-fascist regime to replace the Nazis in the popular conscience. Maybe you and I should give up this law gig and focus on radical conservative politics instead. šŸ˜‰

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