Awesome Is As Awesome Does

My first foray into fantasy baseball is over–and it couldn’t have gone any better, as Team Awesome (buoyed by the hitting of Gary Sheffield and Felipe Lopez and the pitching of Brandon Webb and first round pick Johan Santana) cruised to the league championship with a 9-2 demolition job against the strangely named “I ate your cat…” (whose manager was so confident of victory that he didn’t even bother shuffling his lineup for the second week of the finals, even though the Florida Marlins had suspended one of his starting pitchers for the rest of the season). Thus, six months of work have culminated in a $90 paycheque–which would have been $150 had I not already owed the league commissioner $60 in unpaid dues–and a title to defend in 2006. Considering I’d been written off by almost every other manager, it’s this latter point that’s (almost) the more satisfying.

On the fantasy football front, meanwhile, I had a rough weekend…but if one bad weekend of fantasy football is worth a league championship, it’s a trade I’ll make ten times out of ten. Sort of like trading Fred Taylor for Peyton Manning.


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