…and, Go

Two weeks after officially withdrawing from the University of Toronto and ending (at least temporarily) a twenty-one year-long run as a student, I finally feel like I’m making the mental adjustment to life without school. Sure, I’m still embroiled in the early stages of an academic appeal of my major research paper mark–for the time being the B+ still holds, although a meeting later today with my former graduate coordinator might change that–but for the first time since 1985 I don’t have any actual schoolwork to worry about. I can deal with that.

In the meantime, I’m starting to get organized for the next big push: applying to law school. If this sounds like it’s coming out of left field, it’s not. I looked into being a lawyer as early as age thirteen: I’d just read The Client (which made me wish that I could be like Mark Sway), and the rest of the John Grisham catalogue later I’d found my calling in life. Then, in undergrad, I let it slide…did you know at one point I was actually considering applying to Ph.D programs at Ivy League schools? It took my master’s program to open my eyes to the evils of academia. Sure, I emerged relatively unscathed with a couple more letters to attach to the end of my name, but in the end my brief foray in academia didn’t set my mind (or my heart) on fire the way I thought it would. I also discovered how much I genuinely enjoy arguing–which led, eventually, to me rediscovering my passion for law.

This all sounds a bit naive, and it probably is–but can anybody really embark on a potential career path without at least a tinge of naivety? By no means am I ruling out other, potentially equally rewarding opportunities. This year, for instance, I realized how much I enjoy writing (thanks in no small part to this blog); in fact, this realization was one of the main reasons I withdrew from teacher’s college (because really, how much writing would I be able to do as a high school teacher?). I still haven’t ruled out a stab at journalism: once I get my law school applications up and running and start putting a serious dent in my LSAT study guide I’ll see what kinds of programs are on offer in and around Toronto. But for the time being, I’m becoming more and more convinced that law school is where I belong–and even if it isn’t, I’ll still be giving it a shot. Today, I’m going to give myself an on-line LSAT diagnostics test and then start studying with earnest; given my self-indulgent, excessively verbose personality, you’ll probably be hearing about the process an awful lot between now and December 3.


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