Well, It’s Official

The apocalypse is officially upon us: Bedouin Soundclash has the #1 song on the Edge Thursday 30. This is so utterly beyond my comprehension I don’t even know where to begin…so I won’t. The only logical next step is for Obsidian to open the next leg of the System of a Down tour.


3 thoughts on “Well, It’s Official

  1. You reckon? I’m inclined to disagree if for no other reason than that their single sounds amateurish…like, the singer doesn’t even come *close* to some of those notes! Or maybe I’m just scratching my head that a band who I’ve seen lose Battle of the Band competitions is #1 on any countdown, anywhere. Or maybe I’m just a jerk.

  2. well, i refuse to believe you are trying to fault a singer for not hitting perfect notes… leave that for britney spears and pro tools, I’ll take the vocals for bedouin any day.however, i feel bad for my friend pat in that new version of the video, because theyre aren’t any drums in the song, so he just kinda stands around in it!

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