Warming Up for Pearl Jam…with System of a Down

Saw System of a Down tonight, with the Mars Volta in tow. Since I’m viewing this as an unofficial warm-up gig for my Pearl Jam adventure, I’ve reviewed it over on my travel blog, Touring Steve 2005. Warning: if the entry is utterly incoherent, I take no responsibility whatsoever–my ears are ringing badly and I’m still at least a little bit scarred from seeing one of the most gruesome bone fractures I could possibly see…like, we’re talking Willis McGahee times ten here. Anyway: check it out.


3 thoughts on “Warming Up for Pearl Jam…with System of a Down

  1. hey..it’s christie’s friend laanders. i never realized about you and dawson’s creek. i think that is awesome. does your girlfriend have the series finale on dvd? it has the scenes with andie in it. i can’t believe they deleted her from the finale. bastards.

  2. Alas, she does not–but you’re right, writing Andie out was a major faux pas as far as DC was concerned. Totally ruined the show for me, kind of like when Chandler became whipped towards the conclusion of Friends.

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