So. Yesterday, I met my supervisor to show him what I’d done on my essay thus far. The verdict? He glanced it over and said, simply, “Get this off your desk.” Meaning today and tomorrow, I intend to finish incorporating the last few sources, make one last trip to the Toronto Research Library (which sounds awfully dramatic, considering I’ve only been there twice thus far), perform two major edits…and then print it, bind it and hand it in before leaving for Thunder Bay. Bruce Springsteen, as usual, offers an appropriate reference: “I’m just around the corner to the light of day.” Indeed.

So, today is one of my last major days o’ work for this whole M.A. experience. Tonight, meanwhile, I’m heading down to the Air Canada Centre to commune with Mssrs. Tankian and Malakian, etc, as System of a Down bring their indelible brand of Aremenian metal to our fair city. Full report forthcoming.


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