It’s On!

The Minnesota Vikings’ preseason began exactly the way it was supposed to: with Daunte Culpepper dissecting an opposition before hitting Nate Burleson with a 33-yard touchdown pass. The new look defence, meanwhile, held its own against one of the league’s most potent offences, even though it let Priest Holmes run for 42 yards in the briefest of cameos. As we speak, new placekicker Paul Edinger has just finished booting a 48-yard field goal to give Minnesota a 20-3 half time lead. I need to remind myself that these games are meaningless–I mean, Ryan Hoag is currently featuring for the Vikings–but it’s still nice to see the preseason getting off on the right foot.

…and speaking of the right foot, while I wasn’t following the Vikings game on or watching the Blue Jays destroy the Baltimore Orioles, I was busy paring down my thesis from a nineteen page-long second draft into a seventeen page-long third draft that flows better, reads better, is structured better and makes a lot more sense (honestly, I now have no idea I was ever capable of producing the previous version). Again, I’ve still got lots to do; in particular, I really need to start incorporating more primary sources into my essay. But it’s coming, slowly but surely. By Sunday I’m aiming to get a third hard copy printed out, thus positioning myself for an uber-productive week next week. In that sense, tonight it’s on in more ways than one.


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