Burnin’ Like a Heatwave

Oh, how naive I was. Yesterday, upon returning to the GTA, I surveyed the land and then declared, “But at least the heatwave is gone–or at least in hiding. I can live with that.” Famous last words: already it’s a balmy thirty-five degrees this morning and getting hotter as the day goes on. Seriously, what gives? People up in Thunder Bay were complaining about “their” heatwave…which I soon discovered meant thirty degrees with humidity. The day of Christie’s wedding was certainly hot–I was hearing rumours that it hit forty–but it was nowhere near the oppressive, quasi-apocalyptic weather we’ve been experiencing here as of late. If you’re from Thunder Bay and you’ve been complaining about the weather in the past couple weeks, I have a solution for you: it’s called “Southern Ontario”.

On a related note, the previous Toronto record for most smog advisories in one summer was twenty-one back in 2003. This year we had our twenty-first smog advisory sometime in mid-June. I have no idea what this means in the greater scheme of things, except that we owe it to one another to spend more time on public transit. And since three more bombs just went off on the London Underground, I can see how appealing that must be to your typical car owner.


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