Don’t Cry For Me, Joey Potter

In case there was any doubt that Tom Cruise has actually brainwashed Katie Holmes into loving him, this article should nicely dispel those ideas. Is anybody else as astounded as I am at how much coverage the Holmes/Cruise nuptials are getting? And to that point, why am I as eager as everybody else to witness Cruise’s latest public meltdown? (Although to be fair, I don’t think we’ll see him top his performance on The Today Show anytime soon…seriously, has a celebrity television appearance ever worked its way so seamlessly into the cultural zeitgeist as quickly as this one?) When I was in first year, I got one of those E-mail surveys sent to me; when it asked me to list my favourite movie my honest-to-goodness response was, “Anything with Tom Cruise” (I’m not kidding–if you don’t believe me, there are at least fifteen people who will verify it). Which still holds true, at least to a certain extent: there’s very little the man has done that hasn’t captivated me to at least a certain extent (Top Gun and Jerry Maguire still rank, for better or for worse, among my absolute favourite movies). So watching him turn into the next Michael Jackson has been something of a disconcerting experience…and that said, I can’t take my eyes off of him anymore. Just amazing how celebrity culture toys with us.


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