The Best You Can Do Is To Fake It

God bless U2: on the current European leg of The Tour That Hype Wouldn’t Kill, the band has opened and closed with “Vertigo” at every single show. Now…okay: having never seen a band play a song twice in the same set, I have no idea whether this works or not. People who’ve seen it done (including two of my boys up north, Ryan and Jon) swear it does; me, I feel as though repeating a mediocre song positively reeks of lameness, but I’m still prepared to reserve judgement until I see U2 in the fall. Assuming they pull the same stunt, you might be in for the most overzealous U2 bashing since Paul Hatcher’s latest anti-Bono rant.


One thought on “The Best You Can Do Is To Fake It

  1. BuddyI have commented on this before but having now seen the concert I feel I can say a little more. Now granted you don’t particularly like Vertigo the song whereas I do. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on a song and that is what makes music so great but this is what I can say for sure. I didn’t want U2 to end with Vertigo. As someone who loves hearing the Psalms put to music I would have loved to hear them close the set with ’40’. However, having now been there, truthfully there couldn’t be a better way for them to finish the show. I will do more of an review on my own blog but I just wanted to be the 3rd person to tell you that it truthfully does work.

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