Tonight, I’m a Rock n’ Roll Star

…and thus the weekend in which Steve and Bri do rock n’ roll is upon us. Up first: Oasis at the Molson Amphitheare, at which Bri will meet HLP Paul and Paul’s LP Lori. Then tomorrow, it’s the great Sleater-Kinney at the Phoenix; last time I saw them was in the decidedly un-friendly confines of Hersheypark Stadium (it smells like urine, in case you’re wondering), so it’ll be doubly exciting seeing them in an intimate venue and hearing this freaking amazing new album of theirs. “The Fox” as a throad-shredding opener? Here’s hoping!

But tonight, it’s Oasis, a band I’ve actually seen live on two other occasions (in St. Paul with the Black Crowes on the “Tour of Brotherly Love” in 2001, then a year later at the Amphitheatre on Oasis’ own Heathen Chemistry tour). Their new album, whose title I can’t recall, is alright; it’s got a few solid moments, notably tracks #9 and #11 (again, don’t know their names and can’t be bothered to look them up), but on the whole it sounds awfully similar to everything else they’ve ever written. Still, Oasis can deliver the goods in a live setting, Zak Starkey (son of Ringo) is taking time off from his usual gig with the Who and assuming the vacant drum throne…and, I mean, anybody who can use the word “fookin'” as many times as Noel deserves at least some of our respect, right? Right.


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