Ramble On

  • The current headline over at Jam! Music: “Jackson to stop sharing bed with kids”. Good–I’m glad he learned his lesson.
  • If you came over to my place, doused me in gasoline and then lit me on fire, it would probably cool me down. Seriously, when is this heatwave going to end? On a related note, the previous record for smog alerts in the GTA was twenty-one during the summer of 2001. I say “previous record” because we’ve already had twenty-two this year, and summer hasn’t even officially started yet. In the words of Israel: “Oy!”
  • My concert-going karma finally caught up to me: I’m missing Bruce Springsteen’s Toronto show on July 14 for my friend Christie’s wedding up in Thunder Bay. Springsteen is back in the area four days later, in Buffalo…but honestly, as much as I love him, $85 is just way too much to fork over for a single ticket (and that’s even before we take service charges into consideration, which would probably put the price closer to $2,590.42 a seat).
  • Tim Jebb, everybody’s favourite native of County Down (like in the song!) just scored himself a pair of tickets to the London Live 8 show–which, by the way, has one of the most stacked concert lineups I’ve ever seen. (Meanwhile, poor Philadelphia was left with a motley crew including, among others, 50 Cent, Rob Thomas, the Dave Matthews Band and P. Diddy–although rumours that Edward Louis Severson III is doing a solo set are still being bandied about.) This point comes in lieu of an absolute written bollocking of Pink Floyd and their forthcoming reunion; out of respect to Tim, I’ve decided to nip that particular rant in the bud. For now.
  • I’m starting to feel as though Eurotrip is a better movie than Road Trip…does this make me a bad person, or does it simply make me wrong?
  • If you read this blog, you’ll know I’m seriously digging Sleater-Kinney’s latest album, The Woods. Now, I’ve got to start spreading the love…and I feel as though the first target should be Beth Lanigan and Alex Peirce. Don’t ask me why I think this–it just seems like they’re the perfect couple to enjoy a little bit of riot grrrl music. I envision a double date involving me, Bri and the two of them in which “The Fox” makes an impromptu appearance; the look on Peirce’s face would be so boss.
  • The thesis is slowly coming together…by which I mean I’ve pretty much nailed down my secondary sources and will shortly be delving into my primary research. The official deadline is fast approaching, and seeing as I have zero chance of actually meeting it I’ll be pleading for an extension sometime this week! Stay tuned.
  • I’m rambling again…
  • Finally, a huuuge shoutout to Miragh for hooking me up with Oasis tickets. Paul, if you’re reading this and haven’t talked to me since landing: we’ve been upgraded, big time. Meanwhile, four more people have landed themselves free (or at least way cheap) tickets to see Manchester’s third-finest export (after Manchester United and Steve Thomas). Check back Saturday for a full match report…along with semi-coherent gushings over that night’s Sleater-Kinney show. Peace out, homies!

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